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Together We Love

Many years ago I had a vision that I needed to have a devoted romantic partner in order to be able to do what I was being guided to do in the world.

I knew my path would be… challenging… and that in order to be the truth teller, devoted, healer and visionary that I am, I would need the support of a partner who would have my back no matter what.

My nervous system was onto something, but off in the details. What I was seeing clearly was that, yes, I needed depth of connection to do the work i am meant to do. I would need other seers, visionaries, devotees, and truth tellers in my life.

I have those people in my life. They support, teach, guide, and nudge me forward into Loves open arms, as I re-member. They have helped me to discover a Home in myself that I didn’t know existed.

As I prepare for the upcoming Exploration (19 days!) I am excited knowing that I will be sharing many practices that I have learned from my teachers.

Just now, I found something from a journal a few years back, and it brought me such delight, and gratitude, to connect with what has brought me to this moment.  ????

Learn more about our Exploration coming up here. 

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