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Exploring into Purpose

Purpose came up today in 3 client sessions.  What a rich topic to explore! I feel gratitude of having the opportunity to journey into this a territory as it feels very sacred to me.   In a culture seeped in the oppressive dominant narrative (ODN), it can be hard to connect to purpose, for many reasons, and so I have deep compassion for how we may feel confliction around this topic.   The word purpose itself can be laden with the resonances of the ODN. Weighty concepts rooted in how our culture defines success/failure/achievement and so forth can be projected onto “purpose”. If we are not able have clarity with regards to how the ODN imprints this baggage into our psyches, we will struggle to have clarity with our purpose, or, our purpose will have an oppressive weight to it. Either way, we may left experiencing a sense of dissonance and/or confusion.   Another challenge with knowing our purpose- the ODN doesn’t really want us to have clarity with regards to what makes our heart sing, what matters to us, what inspires us, what moves us forwards in evolution. The ODN does not honor co-creation, we-ness, connectivity, transformative wisdom, and so forth. Knowing our sense of purpose empowers us, and our culture does not want us to be empowered people. The ODN tends to distort everything-including purpose- through it’s oppressive/capitalistic filter- disabling us from having clarity of our inner knowing, what matters to us, and how we can be engaged through action. If you have been feeling challenged in knowing what your purpose is, know that you are not alone. Living in a culture filled with dissonance makes this confusing for most! Take some time to get quiet, get your nervous system settled, allow yourself to connect to your breath, and be in a space that is conducive to being curious. Then ask yourself: when you reflect through your life, particularly into moments that have been most fulfilling – what mattered in those moments? What was inspiring for you in those moments? What lit you up inside? These are beginning questions- take each response deeper, and deeper. Be willing to be surprised by your responses. Be willing for your responses to not make sense, to anyone but you, or, even to yourself!    Remember, trying to get this “right” is a part of the ODN  🙂 There is no right or wrong response, and there may be a variety of responses!!! Have fun while you explore. If you’d like to know this territory more deeply, our Exploration begins in 16 days!  

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