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What about you


I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share blog posts, audios and videos with others. I find that free resources and information is really helpful on this path to knowing, living, experiencing more well-being.

A couple times a year I reach out to you, to find out what you’d like to read more about, what themes you’d like woven into rest recordings, and what you would like to hear me speak about (in a video or audio).

Also, just for fun… if I had time to do a deepening course or another training this year… What topic would you like it to be on? I love leading deepening courses and trainings, but have been too busy to have more than a couple a year, if that. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about future possibilities!!! Please share your dreams with me!

Please take this an invitation to share with me what you’re wanting! How can I best support you?


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