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Yes’ and No’s

Where do your yes’ and no’s come from? what do you notice in your body with your yes’ and no’s? do you notice the counter side to your yes and no’s- when you say yes to one thing, what are you saying no to, and when you say no to one thing, what are you saying yes to? It seems to me that not all yes and no’s are created equal. Some yes’ and no’s seem to come from response, some from reaction. Some yes’ and no’s are a pushing a way, and some are a leaning toward. There are biases associated with yes’ and no’s- but when there is one, the other is lingering near by. What an invitation, to get to know my yes’ and my no’s and the various ways they come through, moment by moment. Tightness, closing, openness, receiving? What’s here now? <3  

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