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Converging Layers of Shame


A furball of



spewed from deep inside

my being

onto the bathtub floor.


It didn’t come fast or easy.

It was concealed

in thick, viscous muck,

taking it’s time

like a demon talking it’s prey.


Once spotted

she let out a

freight-train roar

and demanded devotion



I was dirty,

through and

through, as if

there was no end

to my badness


Desperate for the water

to save me,

it didn’t.

Heat rained down

upon my existence.


A life review revealed

an intended design

not to my liking.

Disgust and darkness

pirouetted into innocence.


Mother, forlorn

as she was,


for her lack of joy

which became

my shadow.


Infant, mother, me, we,

twitching, turning


of time and space

released and renewed in a flash.


The grip of stagnation

falls away as

converging layers are met with

the unyielding light of

compassion and kindness.


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