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2022 Matrix Integration Exploration


Edit: the 2022 Matrix Integration Exploration will be 8 months instead of 10, and will be geared towards mental health, well-being and healing professionals. Click here for more info!

**** I have been receiving inquiries for 2022’s Matrix Integration Exploration, where, over 10 months you’ll have the opportunity to get conscious of the patterned thoughts that determine your life and cause nervous system dis-regulation, and learn how to consciously and intentionally rewire them, slowly over time, and discover what other possibilities exist as your nervous system learns how to sustainably stay in regulation. BOOM. This is transformational work, and you will have a community of practice to support you along the way.

Included in our time together, we will:

  • Learn about the dominant oppressive narrative and how it influences your daily life, and what other narratives might be possible
  • Learn how to do simple consensual inquiry (an inquiry that I developed) with oneself so as to get more self-aware with that dominant oppressive narrative
  • Use practices which increase self-awareness, and start to pave the way for remembering another co-existing reality
  • Actively engage in a transformative wisdom-based narrative that centers well-being
  • Learn how to be present with oneself through a compassionate lens of allowance
  • Learn how to be held by another person in Presence, and how to be that person for others
  • Learn how to use consensual and simple inquiry to support another person
  • Learn that it is safe to connect to other human beings through our community of practice
  • Learn how to be empowered, conscious and active change agents in the world
  • so much more!

I do not have the final details, but sharing last year’s information will be a good start.

Please read here, and let me know if you have any questions! I am looking forward to journeying with you!  **

Impact sharing’s from 2021 Matrix Integration Exploration participants:

  • Matrix Integration Exploration has helped me feel unconditionally loved and supported by community as I have never experienced it before. The strong community experience and one-on-one sessions with Lisa offered me a space of trust has allowed me to really see my inner oppressive patterning and trauma that have kept me from being fully connected to myself, to others, to purpose and love. The tools we’ve acquired throughout the course have allowed me to engage with my rather intense experiencing of the world and strong emotions in a way that feels save, allowing me to trust more in change and the unknowing, be open for more than what I can control while taking ownership of my actions, surrender to life and allowing myself to be fully human, to be imperfect and whole at once. Actively building these social ties as well as the common learning process and sharing of experiences give hope and trust that after the darkness comes light, and that when things do feel too much for oneself, one really isn’t alone. Connecting back with the sacredness of my own humanity is allowing me to step into more loving relationships with others, as well. The course has taught me what I have been desiring deeply inside of me – how to decolonize and heal from inside out. I take with me tools that allow me to be my own mother and grounding place and at the same time that I can pass on to what is around me – to build healthy and supportive relationships, and do community work and activism in a regenerative way that puts love first. 
  • For 10 long years I was agoraphobic because my body was in a state of almost constant anxiety. Dissociation made it impossible to drive. I couldn’t work, I couldn’t socialize, and I couldn’t find joy. I was absolutely frozen and didn’t know why or how to do anything about it. So, I began working with Lisa and doing her free rest meditations almost daily. She taught me how to slowly and gently begin to re-wire my neural pathways and soothe my nervous system. At first I didn’t understand how doing the rests would help me, until one day I realized I was able to sit in my breathing body and feel absolutely safe. It was stunning. I eventually learned how to be with my discomfort while simultaneously staying connected to things that felt supportive to me (the chair underneath me, my hands clasped together, my feet on the floor) and without spinning out and dissociating. It was such a great relief and it gave me so much hope that I might thrive in life again one day.     I felt nervous to do the Matrix Integration Exploration because I feel so awkward socially. But I quickly realized how wonderful it was to be in community with others who were also committed to self-discovery and self-transformation. Everyone is so open, honest, and courageous in their sharing that it makes me feel safe enough to let down my guard. This last year has taught me so much about myself and about the dominant oppressive narrative of the culture I live in. It taught me the importance of having a beginner’s mind and the value of vulnerability in safe and nurturing space. It taught me how to discover my deepest fears and my deepest desires. I have been braver than I ever knew I could be because of MIE and the community it provides. It’s been life-changing. 
  • “MIE has taught me to connect with myself in a way I never knew. It has changed me. I have learned to ‘check in’ with my body on a daily basis, and I see now that this is the starting point for everything else. All the complicated thoughts one might have, the painful memories, the sorrows of our daily lives: they are allowed to be there, in a safe space that Lisa helps to create. From there you can start transitioning. And learn that at the same time there are always things that support you, that are abundant and good. I’m very grateful for having participated on this journey, that will be lasting.
  • The Matrix Integration Exploration course is the most life-changing course I’ve taken. It taught me how to lean into what is present in the moment within me, and then helped me notice my conditioned patterns of thinking.  With the daily practices we were offered, and Lisa’s inquiries along the way, I became more curious about how I was responding in a given moment, about my perceptions of life.  I’ve developed skills that helped me slowly and gently change my perspective from a dominant, oppressive narrative to one that is more open, more curious, and more loving toward myself which helped me look at the world differently too. Probably the biggest gift of this course is that the changes are self-sustaining as long as I continue the practices that  I’ve grown to love.

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