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Another Way


I wonder if sometimes we don’t even realize there’s another way? That it is possible to not be bound to compulsions /addictions, to certain ways of being, to identification, to depression or anxiety. There seems to be a complacency or acceptance with stuff that makes us suffer. Or maybe we like our fantasies and pretend world too much, not realizing how much suffering this brings us? I wonder if we are just so used to our various “have tos” and our various dramas that we assume that’s just how it is. I come across new things in my own patterning constantly- it’s all open for exploration. None of it has to be “lived with” or tolerated. And no, it’s not always easy to explore one’s inner terrain.

I had a new client this morning who had no idea she could question her compulsion to eat candy when she’s stressed. She just assumed that’s how it would always be. She was so relieved to discover that she could question the dynamic! If you find yourself in similar situations, and/or with the same old mind chatter, and/or repeating certain behaviors over and over- you can explore any of that! Life, in all ways, can be explored and journeyed into. Inquire. Rest. Enjoy.


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