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Connecting to Enoughness


Inspired by a client’s question, this guided rest mediation invites us to connect somatically to the topic of “enoughness.”

I’m wonder if you have ever connected to this topic in just this way?

Follow this link to play.

As you listen, what are you discovering when you slow down and allow yourself to be guided into this inquiry? What is happening with your nervous system?

From Insight Timer:

“In this 20-minute guided rest, Lisa connects us with the theme of “ enoughness”. You will be invited to connect with different parts of your body and find out how these feel for you. Please feel free to push pause at any point during the rest to spend more time with the prompts. The track contains ambient sounds in the background”

What guided rests would you like to hear?

Please reach out to share, or join us in our bi-weekly gatherings.


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