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Scarcity and Abundance


Scarcity. Abundance.

Phew. I have a scarcity shadow. I’ve been writing about it more and named it in the live chat I had with Ana Maria the other day.

I’ve not been feeling it lately- maybe it’s this Neptunian energy that I’ve tapped into. I’ve been feeling a lot of creativity and abundance. It’s been sweet. Y’know what I mean.

Yesterday I had a level jump. Another level jump. Sometimes these jumps feel good. I had one of those last week and then it spilled into the week. Yum. Yesterday I had a level jump and I could feel the shite.

All of the sudden it was like all the abundance had dissipated, and in it’s wake was the scarcity shadow. I was not prepared for that! I mean, come on!!!!

But there it was, and I was not liking it. I know better than to act when I am in the scarcity shadow, but I watched my mind consider X, Y, and Z. All actions which would not be in my best interest. Instead, I squirmed on all levels. I watched the doubt thoughts come in. I watched the “I’m not enough” thoughts take jabs. I watched the imposter syndrome take a few attempts.

Phew. Damn. Urgh.

I knew it was a level jump because all my usual thought orientations “were not working”. It was time to let go of what was, and come into something new. So I waited, and kept connecting to my breath and body, and kept having conversations with myself.

About 9pm something shifted. Bam! just like that I was in relation to that abundant reality. The scarcity shadow wasn’t completely gone, but the reality it was presenting had shifted out of it’s delusionary realness. Phew. Damn. Wow.

I talk about these shifts in realities in the live talk- which is now up here and on my youtube channel.


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