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Learning how to Include More, to Shift our Reality


This morning I found myself once again crooning my neck so I could see the hummingbird at the feeder.

Crooning my neck is a habit for me- acting as if my neck is separate from the rest of my body.

It’s such an easy movement, because of how training I am to not include the rest of my body and just compartmentalize.

I recalled the conversation I had with Move and Bloom about this in our live chat last week- how it takes effort to include more of us, to include more of our bodies and also more of our lived realities. (Watch here, or here.)

As I sat there, hanging out with the hummingbird, I experimented with more of me- how I could move more of my body so that my neck would not have to croon to see the hummingbird.

My ribs- side, back, front- were engaged. My sternum. My hips/sacral area. My belly. Down into my legs. My breath. My being was invited, and awakened.

It was so much easier to just croon my neck, and also such a limiting and disembodied experience. I went from separate, to whole.

I am still unweaving these patterns of disembodiment. I am still learning to include what I have been trained to exclude, and unlearning what I’ve been trained to hone in on.

Last night with a client we talked about how trained we have been to hone-in on a reality of fear. It takes effort to include another reality- one that does not center fear.

For some of us, it’s easier to center fear. But obviously that is no way to live. Just like it’s no way to live from excluding most of my body, while I croon my neck. And, that’s how the neural pathways have been trained.

There is SO MUCH MORE that is already here, that’s always here, that we’ve not known how to include because of our trained centering limited patterns.

Our nervous systems, which run through the entirety of our body, need us to include more of us. Luckily our neural pathways are 100% trainable and available to learn.

When we learn we can slow down and include more, we discover regulation, an increased safety of being in our bodies and on the planet, and more pleasure with the present moment.

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