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Grief opening up to Possibility: Retreat moving to Zoom!


Last week I had a big cry with one of my mentors, Brig Feltus

It was time to get really clear on my future of the Amsterdam retreat and I felt blocked from that clarity. She helped me connect with what was going on: my Being had grown so very fond of imagining us, in person, co-creating together in Amsterdam. I had become beautifully attuned to that vision, even though it was clear that factors outside my control were informing me that it needed to pivot to on-line.

I burst into tears…then tantrumed… then more tears, tantrumed some more, and then with more tears, let go of the vision (for now).

The grief was so big. My nervous system was so looking forward to being in community, in person. It felt so good to honor that grief, and anger. It felt so good to allow the grief space to be. And it felt so good to be energetically held by another person.

What opened up was beautiful: the naming an amazing opportunity for deep nourishment and connection, with us all in the comforts of our own chosen spaces. As I shared this new vision with clients I got immediate positive feedback- they were so excited about being together, while also having the familiarity of their private spaces. I so understand that! I get to experience the benefits of doing deep internal work from the comforts of my own home every day!

Know that this will be no ordinary zoom retreat– the kind make your brain and butt hurt! We will be somatically and experientially co-creating, with care for our nervous system being centered throughout. Which means lots of spaciousness and creatively designed opportunities for us to slow down, receive and be filled up, and create. I will be writing a more thorough blog post soon, but for now please take in this new information and share it with those who are looking for a heart and nervous system re-boot. I am so excited!!!!

The dates: Oct 22-24. The times will be confirmed later, but will be geared towards times that match for all time zones. Estimated: Friday 1-4pm ET,  Sat and Sun 11am-5pm ET.

Watch/listen to an interview I did about it here


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