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Re-wiring to Discover a New Reality


Change and re-wiring require your particpation!

At the end of our session, a client’s nervous system (and therefore their sense of Reality) is usually very different than when we started the session. Why is that? Because we have connected to old areas of patterning, opened to it, and then introduced new aspects of reality that the old patterning had covered up. How? Through a slow, gentle, consensual exploration of attention.

If we want something different, then we have to connect to and introduce something new. Old patterning can keep us from connecting to that which is new, even if we want it more than anything, so in our time together it is our job to see what’s possible in introducing newness. At the end of our session, the newness is alive and in their full experience, creating a new reality. A reality of wellness.

Clients will use different words to give to this new reality- unity, goodness, okness, oneness. I often see it as unadulterated Love. Ahhhhh. YESSSSS. The nervous system has been begging for this. Before we end the session we name ways to keep practicing including what their system has learned, otherwise the old neural pathways will very quickly come back and re-organize back to what has been true in the past.

This is science- the science of neural networks and neural patterning, and the science of change and re-wiring.

Those who work with me more frequently, and/ or do our homework in between sessions, and/or do our practices on a daily basis, and/or listen to rest recordings that I give them for free (etc) see a faster rate of change with their nervous system regulation and thought patterning. Why is that? Because old thought and attention patterning is highly tied to neural pathways. Neural pathways change and rewiring require repeated and sustained attention.

When you sign up for the upcoming three day retreat you’ll have days prior to our time together to start connecting to new practices- waking up those neural pathways. Then you will have three days where you will have focused time and attention learning how to include that which is life giving, enlivening and nourishing from a nervous system perspective- which changes everything. And then you’ll have aftercare, which i mentioned in the retreat write up.

The best part? We will do this playfully, spaciously and intentionally. Bring your curiosity and together we will do the rest. Be prepared to laugh, learn, and witness possibilities your old neural network has kept you from knowing.

I am bubbling over with anticipation.

There is something exciting about tapping into what is birthing. Of looking out to see proof of the sun rising, the sky in it’s pink hue, before we even see the sun. It draws us to what is coming, yet not known. The arrival of what has yet to arrive. Newness, presenting herself to us. Keep looking for the new. Become available for the new.


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