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Exploring Discomfort: Getting Off the Roller Coaster While Discovering True Safety


In this video I read the 4th and 5th blogs in my series on Discomfort. In the 4th blog post I wrote about how we might learn to navigate difficult territories – pleasure, pain, or other expressions – by also noticing and including resonances we’ve not yet become familiar with, such as the territory of neutrality. In the 5th blog post I take that a step forward into the territory of safety, a topic that is very related to discomfort, and what happens when we’re able to uncouple safety and discomfort.

***** Background info on the first three blog pieces: In the first blog piece on discomfort, I write about how we often unintentionally conflate discomfort with wrongness, and the importance and significance of befriending discomfort. In the second piece I explored the topic of internalized oppression – which includes living from our internal narratives of should, supposed tos, and so on, which create a push/pull fighting dynamic inside of our self. In third piece I shared an experience, which will reveal a little bit about how these two are related as an entry way into diving deeper into this topic.


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