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The Playground of Life


This is a little area tucked back into the woods that I love to visit. It’s transformed over the years, significantly this past year when a big tree fell, and settled into what had been more of an empty space of swamp.

When I visit, I see the dance of all aspects of life.

There is death, decay… there is hibernation of plants in their dormant phases… and there is the deep green of life.

All of this is within a small area of land.

I am reminded that life is full of contrast, of life and death, of dormancy, and of great vitality- all in the same moment, all in the same experience.

I am reminded that while I may feel stifled and stuck in certain ways, I may also feel vitality in other ways.

I am reminded that while aspects of life may seem dismal, the opportunity for renewal is nearby.

I am reminded that there is a lot happening that is unseen, but when I pause, breath, and listen, the unseen reveals herself.

I am reminded that if I want to know intimacy, I need to be intimate with life.

I am reminded that life has made herself available to me, and has invited me to be with her, and I can choose to play, to participate, to be with life… amidst appearances, amidst the death and decay, amidst the dormancy, amidst the vitality, amidst all that I do not know and yearn to learn.

I am reminded that I am in good company, and not alone in this journey. Always and forever in relationship.

There is great stillness in that sweet location, and there is much movement. Can you feel it?

Are you ready to play together?

Scholarships available.  <3


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