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I am Alive


I rolled over this morning, slowly opening my eyes. Snow greeted me a few days ago, fog today. This mysterious fog, embracing the trees. As far as I could see, countless trees being held by a sea of fog. Stillness.

Every morning I feel gratitude at being greeted: by branches swaying, trees standing tall, the sky and what she beholds. Sometimes there is stillness, like this morning. Other times there is much activity, like the day before. Always there are reminders greetings me that I am alive.

I am alive.

More than ever these days, with the help of some friends, I am learning how to more deeply embrace my aliveness. To *own* my aliveness. This has not been an easy owning for me, as for much of my life I wanted to escape it, or only have it be a certain way.

I am alive.

Truly embracing  *being fully alive* is counterintuitive to me on some very deep levels, even after all the ancestral trauma work I’ve done, after all the FOO work I’ve done, after all the awakenings I’ve had… There is a tiny part inside that isn’t so sure about being all the way in and engaged here and now alive.

I *am* alive.

I see this tiny part and I honor her, and I connect with her in all the ways. She is a sacred part of me, and she is learning that the only way to truly live is to be Here, with life’s purpose revealing itself in every moment. She connects with this spark of aliveness that is always here, so long as *I’m Here*.

I am here. I am alive.

I nuzzle aliveness’ spark, and she nuzzles me, as I step into each moment’s beholding. The spark of aliveness leads the way, grounds me, and is my north star.

I am alive.

We’ll be exploring our aliveness, together. Check it out


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