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Intimacy with Me, Intimacy with Life


Today is the first day of 2021!!!  New Year’s Day Blessings to you.

I connect to my intentions, desires, and fears- tuning into what I would like to open up to, and what I would like to release- on a daily basis. So NYE is not a big day for me, in terms of setting goals and what not.

What is an annual ritual, so to speak, is listening to a word that is coming forth to great me, to waken me, to disrupt the old and usher in something new. “Intimacy” started to speak out to me in December, and it continues to be in my attention. Will it be my word for 2021? I will let you know!

Michael Brown often dissects words in a way that helps wake cognitive conscious attention. He breaks down intimacy into “into-me-and-see.”  This year I will continue to slow down so that I can be aware of what is happening in me, which allows me to go into me, and See and Feel.  Without the slowing down, and without the being aware of myself, I cannot honor myself, or even Be myself, which, for me, feeds into a lifelong pattern for me of hiding, pretending and being separate from Life (By Life, I mean God, Creation, Source, Love, All, Tao, and so on… that which is wiser than myself). All the shoulds, supposed tos, and havetos of our dominant oppressive culture perpetuate this separation- and keeps me from being intimate with Existence, in so many ways.

As I move into 2021, I have the desire to be more intimate with myself, so that I can be more intimate with Life herself, and All that she contains. During a ritual last night I saw the old fear patterns of rejection loose their hold in the Truth that Life truly loves me, no matter what. Life doesn’t care if I’m sad, angry, or afraid. She loves me, welcomes me, to be as I am, no matter how I am. Knowing I cannot be cast away by Life grants me the freedom to pause, look in-to-me- and to honor whatever is arising for me, whomever I am with. I honor myself,  as Life honors me, as I honor Life, as I feel from my Being.

Knowing Life does not cast me away invites me to contemplate how it is I who casts away life- and reminds me that it is up to me to show up more with more integrity and, well… with more intimacy, with Life. I deeply feel the gift of the word intimacy: to be as I am, to be open to myself as I am, to be open to All, no matter what- knowing that there is nothing of value or worth that can reject me for me being who I am. Intimacy- defined as being familiar, being close: being familiar and close with me, being familiar and close with Life, and moving from this somatic, embodied intimacy.

PHEW. I acknowledge that this is no easy movement. My entire life has led me to this point- to follow the invitation to, moment by moment, be familiar and close with Life, with God, with the weave of creation. Which necessitates that I follow the invitation, moment by moment, to stay slow and stay present to my existence. I will have my community to support me- I will rely upon, be intimate with, my community to be with me through this.

And speaking of, what a year to connect with this word!  We have an Exploration starting in 31 days which is all about learning how to be intimate with Life, in a culture which does everything it can to keep us away from intimacy. Together we’ll be *with* each other in deep ways, honoring the ins and outs of our Beings, as we learn together, grow together, struggle together, and support each other. We will become familiar with each other, as we become familiar with ourselves, as we become familiar with our place with Life. This won’t be some lofty conceptual happening- this will be a slow and conscious science based, wisdom based, and compassion based experiential exploration. Individually we will grow familiar with the relationship between our cognitive selves, our nervous systems, and the matrix of Love. This is what community is for. It’s not too late to join us. Reach out for more information.

If this isn’t your cup of tea, there are other opportunities to receive community support. We have our monthly Gatherings, which meet two times a month. These gatherings are also rooted in teaching our nervous systems to be awake and in relationship with our cognitive selves, so that we can have a safe intimacy with ourselves and with Life.

Lastly, I continue to share free audios, videos and writings. You will find those resources via the links on my Contact Page and on my Blog.

I look forward to connecting with you in 2021. Love in All, xxxlisa


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