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Are You Connected with Your Orgasm?


“How do we live, love, suck, f*ck and liberate ourselves? How come we’re not talking about sex or desire anymore in relationship to liberation?” Cara Page. 


Those who have been in my life for a long time may remember my posts of #100daysofbeingturnedon, #100daysoforgasm and other posts about being connected to the pleasure of beingness.  In those days I spoke more openly about sexuality, being turned on, and orgasm as a transformative power, so to speak.


Typically, we think of orgasm being limited to genitalia, or to an experience that lasts seconds. While this kind of orgasm- what is actually climax- is wonderful, of course, this was something entirely different…


The layer of depth I was discovering- orgasm beyond climax- was new to me, and profound! It was a sustainable flow that fed me, propelled me, and guided me. It became clear to me that the work I was doing with clients was dependent upon being turned on and turned toward this life force.


Over time, for various reasons, I stopped writing about it and just started to live from it, rather than talk about it. And then something powerful happened: I took a long hiatus from serial relationships and became celibate, and in the process, I discovered that my relationship to orgasm changed in unsuspecting ways- it got richer, wider, and more inclusive of life and humanity.


This made sense when I dived more deeply into the matrix of oppression, and the matrix of Love (or transformative wisdom). Dominant oppressive narrative energy naturally squelches us into body shaming, control, competition and scarcity mentality, and most of all, separation from our bodies as well as our well-being. The dominant oppressive mentality keeps our orgasm flow dulled down and turned off. Transformative wisdom, on the other hand, naturally engages the energy of life, the energy of being awake to all the dynamics of humanity, and to the field of co-creation and Love. In my time of celibacy, this woke more deeply within me.


We are not able to be turned on human beings when we are living from our head. I remembered that this morning when I woke up- my attention was looping in thought. I was on that mental hamster wheel, so to speak, my somatic being left out. Since orgasmic flow is body experience, not a mental experience, of course I wasn’t connected to my life force.


Once I became aware, I flipped that switch that I know how to flip, and into my body I went, leaving that mental headspace behind. There was the turn on. There was the heat and heart of life. There was the desire to be Alive. In a moment- orgasm had me.


What changed? Only what I was including- my entire beingness.


Moving from an oppressive dominant narrative matrix toward a transformative matrix will change everything about who you are and how you relate to life- which includes your relationship to being turned on human being, residing in orgasmic flow.


There are still some spaces open in the upcoming 2021 Exploration (now, the 2022 Exploration). Reach out for details, or read more here. 


Art work: Jen Peer Rich


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