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Learning How to Regulate our Nervous Systems so We Can Know Well-Being


I recently read about a client “listening to his gut.” This is such tricky territory for many reasons. Not only do most of us not have a healthy relationship with our somatic systems (ie bodies), our guts and our intuition have been dominated by oppressive narratives for thousands of years. Yes, thousands of years. If we’re not aware of the oppressive narratives that we’re seeped in, then intuition and “gut” level responses will most often be coming from there, which means they will be largely be guided by the survival part of the brain, ie rooted in fear.

Moving from the fear centers of our brain is no way to live.

Being able to regulate ourselves- to move ourselves from being in the fear centers of the brain, to the part of our brain which helps us to connect to spaciousness and well-being – is paramount to developing a healthy relationship with life.

One of the things I’m most excited about in our upcoming Exploration (check out the link below) is how much time we’ll be spending in learning about brain and nervous system health. We’ll learn how to regulate ourselves, even in the hardest of times. And, eventually, we’ll learn how to help others do the same.

This is life changing as it literally re-wiring our neural pathways to orient towards well-being, rather than fear.

Help your brain by asking yourself curious questions (curious questions are questions that have no right or wrong answer).

What is your attention including? What is it excluding? Is your attention mainly including mental configurations? Is your attention mainly excluding what’s simple, easy and/or neutral?

If your attention is mainly attending to complicated thoughts, might you be willing to take 60 seconds to help your nervous system and brain?

Find something simple in your experience to just observe. Hands, feet, sit bones, and/or back… are common and easy areas to anchor into. Then add in breath and as simply as you can- observe that. Keep staying present with just this. Can you feel the wave that you are included within?

As often as you can, take moments to help your nervous system and brain to regulate.


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