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Midwifery for emotions and senstations

I had a client email me that her friend thinks her daughter needs a drill sergeant approach, and wanted to know what I thought. “Every person on the entire planet is calling for love- all of our actions are begging for love. This includes the daughter, as well as your friend. And love comes in various forms, sometimes in the drill sergeant approach, sometimes in other ways. My own approach is not the drill sergeant approach. In my experience, people get that approach from lots of people. My approach is a bit more soft and gentle, to get at the darkness that lies within, that is usually buried. That darkness, those blockages, often run our lives unconsciously. A drill sergeant doesn’t provide the environment for them to safely reveal themselves. I provide the environment for them to safely reveal themselves, so that they can be truly felt, experienced, and then integrated. The daughter seems to be energetically and unconsciously running familial patterns. I’m guessing she has lots of anxiety, fear, anger, and sadness. All those emotions need to be felt fully, if they are to be released, if they are to stop running her live unconsciously. I hope she finds someone who can help midwife her with those energies and emotions. Sounds like your friend could use someone like that too.”  

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