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Thank You to the Trees


A culture birthed from oppression:

forced drama of boisterous absurdity

co-mingling with

forced dull zombie like obedience.



How captivating,

by design.

Have they “got ya!”?



There is a space in between:

neither this, nor that.

Something real,

not egoically contrived

nor beaten down by submission,

but burning a.l.i.v.e.



The bright colors of fall




from the trees lined neatly in a row.


The trees!

that can sometimes gently lull me to sleep

in their greens and browns,

are grabbing me and shaking me,

alerting me of unique beauty and

ever present aliveness

that oppression and absurdity have not killed… yet.



Thank you to the trees

for reminding me

to reconnect

to a home

I never left.


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