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The Inclusion of Love


Sometimes people assume my politics, my hobbies, my background, or other aspect from my life such as my race, gender or sexual orientation may restrict my ability to support some people who are suffering or are in pain- or that I only see a certain “kind” of client.

My clients know that this isn’t true. They have come to know that the unconditional presence, support and guidance I offer is for everyone who comes my way. Yes, everyone. Love knows no bounds.

Who are my clients? I see all kinds of clients and what they identify as, and what they struggle and want clarity with, is very vast. All classes, all races, all genders, all ages, all sexual orientations, many disabilities. All political perspectives, all religious, spiritual, or non-religious affiliations. A wide range of addictions, including what the addiction stems from and what it entails. A wide range of mental health experiences. Some are “woke” and/or are waking, while others could care less about that. People from all over the world.

I realize that the paradox is rich, and yet I am constantly amazed by what is possible through paradoxical relationships and connection. In my reality tunnel, unconditional presence, support and guidance are helpful *for all* as we journey on this earth. No matter who you are, or who you’ve been- If you find yourself wanting support, reach out. If we don’t match up, I will support you in finding someone who does. You deserve well-being, and you deserve support. Love is available, and is for everyone.


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