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The inclusivity of waking up


You know how the old lineage of non-duality disavowed the body with such success? it makes sense- because when culture propagates dissociation, one doesn’t actually know what one isn’t including. All those head openings, going up and out, were perfectly delightful. Exclusion came easy.

Non duality upholds “no separation”. But until one looks thoroughly in every nook and cranny, to see what might possibly not be included (subconsciously), there will be exclusion. Those old  men didn’t know how to include their looking into that which they’d separated so deeply from.

It’s similar w/ the black lives matter and rape culture and homophobia and fear machine politics. It’s why we can’t just be “humanists”- because for centuries humanism excluded women. It just can’t be “all lives matter”- because for centuries that meant white lives. It can’t just be all life/love matters because GBLT lives and love have not been valued.

Until we strip back all the entitlement and heavy duty power structures and propaganda, we can’t understand that white, heterosexual, male supremacy is what is largely running the world. It’s more than the 3%, because the 3% has infiltrated every nook and cranny of culture to get people to do their bidding. And we’re doing it, without knowing we are.

We’ve got to wake up!

We can’t see the dynamics when we’re so busy defending, hiding, pretending. “Oh, not me! that’s the other men. Oh not me! That’s the other white people! Oh not me! That’s other straight people!”

Oh, but it is me. It is ME that is the problem. I must deeply look into me. And you must look into you. And, into “we.”

Waking up includes exploring and journeying into everything. Every bit of entitlement we’ve gained from being white. From being men. From having money to feed and shelter ourselves and our children. From not fearing bombs dropped on us. It includes diving into every emotion, feeling, belief, addition, and assumption wrt who we are/what we take ourselves to be/what we take others to be. Inner and outer.

Waking up is inclusive. It includes everything. It includes looking into everything you think you are, and into everything you think you aren’t. Thoughts, sensations/energies/feelings, ideas, mental fixations, memories of past, visions of future. Explore. Rest. Inquire. AND enjoy life. ?


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