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The playground of senseless magic


I watched/felt a wave of sensations arise this morning. I observed the mind try to give meaning to this wave- X content/story, then Y content. None of the content stuck, and I kept coming back to the sensations, inviting them all to be there – receiving them all, not even knowing what that meant. The wave came, with all that it carried, and it left, with all that it carried. I didn’t need to understand or rationalize any of it. When this happens I get to experience myself as a human being, who experiences sensations, who doesn’t need to understand or figure out any of it. The result is that I am not dragged down into the depths of drama and deficiency stories. There is ease, curiosity, and a gentleness that does not have the usual violence that is often coupled with fantastical story telling. Labels and stories are often put upon sensations as a way to distract myself from feeling them. The stories and labels, when believed, make the sensations a problem – something to get rid of. The mind has something to sink its teeth into, and off I go, into drama/deficiency. When I feel them without the stories, there is just energy.

Without deferring to content/stories, meaning making isn’t needed or useful. Without delegating to content, rationality loses its importance. Sensations and feelings loose their bad boy reputations, and I can stop trying to hide from them, avoid them, or pretend they aren’t there. I can rest in the land of senseless magic, where all is accepted and control is irrelevant.

For those interested in exploring the land of senseless magic, two events are coming up with might interest you. (1) This coming Sunday at 10am EST I will be facilitating an hour of rest in the REST Room on skype. For $10, you’ll be guided through an embodied meditation. Sign up here!  (2) In mid October (and then again in November) I will be offering an Embodiment Deepening Course. Please email me at with any questions. Coming soon will be the next installment of my blog series life as an experiment. Last week I wrote about agendas, and next week I will be posting about the play of curiosity. Look for it!



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