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“You’re naive. You’re being an idealist.

You’re not in touch with reality.”

I these messages came hard at me from my family members and others when i was in my late teens, into my 20s.

They felt condescending towards me. They laughed at me. They didn’t take me seriously. It felt belittling. 

Defense was strong in me–and from there I judged, and assumed a fighting resonance. 

This morning, doing my morning practices, I remembered. I could feel their echos, after all these years, and, as I connected with these echos I discovered there was no need to defend anything, or protect anything, with regards to their named truths. 

Maybe I am naive, maybe i am an idealist, and maybe i am not in touch with the same reality that others are devoted to. 

From their perspective they were right.  And so what if they were right? What if all those things are true, even now?

From Here, as i embrace myself in ways I didn’t know how to do back then, I can feel a visionary celebratory truth within their messages, and an embodiment of this celebration. 

There’s no belittling here. There is no need to defend. My reality is filled with love and connection, inspiration and passion, health and evolvement. 

I am grateful for my practices, my communities of practice, for learning together, for visionaries, for those who know there is transformative way to be with life. I honor the tribal part of my DNA coding, who experiences relief that we are in relationship, co-creating together.

You’re invited to join. Learn more here. 

There is Different Way to Live
For those who enjoy videos, in this 6 minute snippet of a larger conversation, Ana Maria and I name the importance of the basics and resourcefulness, how privilege and fragility weave together, and who the “ideal” participant is for my upcoming Exploration.
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