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What would it be like………….

What would it be like to stop trying? To stop the constant “doing”, messing with and manipulating things “out there?” To put down the job of processing guilt, and discomfort, and things that feel “off?” To stop fixing and bettering? What would it be like to just sink into this, and accept “this” as the way things are? To not think that anything could be anything otherwise? No “hope” for a different tomorrow, or a different anything. No relying on how things or people were in a perceived past or an imagined future. No hoping that someone will be different than they are right now; that they will move beyond the “stage” that they are in, or become devoted to something different then they are currently devoted to, or fill a role that they used to fill, or fill a role that you’d like them to one day fill. What would it be like to just experience this moment, this reality, and then move from there? To say: “No, thank you.” Or, “Yes, thank you.” Not, ok yes, because if I’m patient enough then blah blah blah. Or, yes, because a good person would say yes to “this.” Or, a peaceful person would say yes to this. Or, a spiritual or awakened person would say yes to this. How would it be to instead say; “no, thank you, not right now.” Knowing a yes could possibly open up another time. Or maybe it won’t. But for now, “no, thank you.” As I typed those words, and allowed myself to feel myself putting down that job, I felt my body relax. I also felt some fear, and inquired into that. It felt like I had relinquished a tiny bit of the control I think I have in the world. Ultimately, it felt like welcoming death and rebirth into every moment. To be truly alive. How to do this? Inquire. Inquire into your motivations for actions, into the thoughts that arise, into past images that float through your consciousness, into images of a projected future, and always inquire and deeply feel into the energy/emotions/sensations in the body.  

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