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A Letting Go… A Filling up…


The healing journey is such a mysterious spiral dance- how many times have i heard and had this thought… “this is not how i thought it would be” or, this is not how i thought it was supposed to look/feel, or…. well, you get the idea.This morning… i am feeling another layer “forgiveness” wrt a past abuser… i’d expect to feel a sense of relief or freedom… but, no… the first response is loss. Which makes sense… I am being invited to give up another layer of separation.

When we give things up, there will often be a sense of loss… even when the giving up is for our freedom and wholness.

This doesn’t have to make sense for it to be what it is.

This current giving up is releasing old energy patterns that no longer serve me. Who will i be without this separation? I will get to find out.

I feel a quivering in my chin. A burning in across my chest . A deepening of presence into my lower belly and into my legs. I am here. There is vulnerability with this opening, and a depth of Being.

A letting go, and a filling up, are happening simultaneously. A releasing of falsity, as wholeness is remembered and embodied.

This, the day after an amazing 3 day transformative retreat that is continuing to transmute. We danced (litterally) with consciously releasing for quite a bit yesterday…   It was a deep dive: mysterious, and full of Intelligence.

It is no surprise that my system unwinding to the next layer of releasing, in just this way.

We can Know, and trust, the power of Love. Phew.

I will be talking more about the upcoming 2022 MIE soon. I’m excited to continue this journey with you.

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