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Open Your Door to Clarity


It’s hard to have clarity when there is withholding/dishonesty/an unnamed elephant in the room hoovering about.

This is what dropped in, this morning. But first, let me take a step back.

“I don’t like conflict,” someone shared with me last night.  Wondering aloud, I said- “I wonder what it would be like to consider it as connecting with clarity, as opposed to conflict.”

This person was in quite the predicament, because there was an elephant in the room they were not able to get honest about. Their fear of conflict meant they couldn’t communicate clearly, which meant that there was basically no potential for not having conflict. Oh goodness- the snake eating it’s tail, right? This person was admittedly experiencing so much discomfort. So, why couldn’t they be clean about the elephant in the room? They were worried about making things uncomfortable. Oh yikes. You can see the impossibility here, yeah?

So many of us shy away from obtaining clarity because of the discomfort we might feel in our bodies when given the opportunity to ask questions or to say things which might lead us to clarity. That discomfort can easily stop us in our tracks. Learning how to like, or love, discomfort is a complete game changer.

I get hella excited about having clarity these days.  The ability to discern, ask questions, and be connected with my needs and wants has literally changed my life over the last decade.

And, yup- it’s not always super easy for me. For the person I was speaking with, and for so many of us, having clarity can be really hard.

It’s not that we don’t like it, it’s just that we’ve not had relationships rooted in integrity for most of our lives, which means clarity (and integrity) is like a being informed about culture we don’t quite understand. We know it exists, but it may as well be on the moon.

It’s ironic, though, because not having clarity will assuredly bring us to what we admittedly don’t like: conflict. Before we know it there can be resentment, a sense of being burdened, overwhelm, and more. Phew. If only we knew how to slow down to connect with ourselves, so as to have clarity!!!

Yup- I’m saying that tongue in cheek because it really is possible to learn how to slow down, be with discomfort, and engage in discernment practices which allow us to be in integrity as human beings on this planet. It really is possible for us to stop passing this dysfunctional patterning onto our kids, and/or to stop engaging with our clients and others we are in relationship with from these unhealthy ways of being. It really is possible!

Join us for the retreat next weekend, and beyond that – for the 2022 Matrix Integration Exploration– where we will be exploring healthy ways of Knowing abundant well-being. Want to know more? Send me an email!

Photo sent to me by a client, because she is learning about a whole new world as we journey together.


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