Standing Rest

In this meditation we will try a different form of exploring your body. Lisa will guide you in a standing pose and will gently discover your body from here. At any moment you are free to change your pose or pause and take care of yourself if needed. The meditation will take 13 minutes. 


Slow Unfoldings

This morning, a scent grabbed me,

nuzzling a part of me that

had been slumbering

all these winter months.

In a split second,

this flower,

and all her itty bitties,

woke me up.


A paradise of scentrific

exploration then moved into

visual discovery: the bud on the tree

saying hello! as she slowly opened.

Around the corner

the tree is full

of cylinders pushing outwards,

in just the right pacing.


Look! See?

The unfolding



Life’s weaving as HerSelf 

I will be writing a poem per day during the month of April, and will be studying the Kybalion during the month of April. They wove together to create this:   


Life’s weaving as HerSelf 


warmth saturates the insides of my mouth,

jettisons into my spine, springing



a roaming entourage of

rolling sensations

spreads into my shoulder blades,

and across my back. Helloooooooo

orgasmic flow.


shimmering, shooting!,


outwards through limbs.


Discovery in Being Lost

“...I wanted to get lost, to find.”  Yaa Gyasi

Letting myself be lost... staying in beginner’s mind- it is the deepest invitation these days for me. I watch my mind try to grasp onto this, or that, so as to have some (delusionary) control.


A Slow Down, A Wake Up

Can you feel the doors that have opened recently, leaving Wind the space and time to come in and do her thing?


Loose papers are blowing around, or away, the drapes being rustled, sound blessings… life kissing life, co-creating alterations, in process.


Is this Spring heralding herself forth?


I don’t often think of life as a Rubik’s cube but there are times when things snap into place, so to speak and seemingly stay there for a bit, before the colors get all mixed up again.


Supporting Ourselves in Moments of Challenge

This is 23 minute guided rest was done during a Gathering in which participants were struggling with a lot of challenges. I decided to weave that in a practical way into the guided rest for that evening.  Please feel free to push pause at any moment, so you can take more time and more care with what is unfolding for you. 


Gentle Grounding

Lisa helps us discover how we can gently ground ourselves in that which is supportive, so as to be able to then attend to the emotional or psychological challenges we might be experiencing.


Using Practices to Survive

I recently met with a client who is working her ass off to stay alive. What does the mean? It means she is using all the practices that she knows of, not to thrive, but to keep herself from killing herself.

These are the clients that remind me where i've been. I remember. And I remember the journey of re-membering.

While with her I recalled a time from my darkest days when I did a very simple gratitude practice. It wasn't a rainbows and unicorn gratitude practice like, "be grateful for everything you have!" and then you list a bunch of stuff/things.


Connecting to our outside and inside experiences

In this 30+ minute recording Lisa gently guides us in noticing that which we often try to avoid: uncomfortable sensations. She helps us become intimate with the back side of our body, then front side of our body, and then the space between the back and the front, where we learn how to identify easy sensations, and then be in relationship with challenging or uncomfortable sensations and experiences in our bodies. 


Rest Singing Bowl

In this rest we get intimate with the here and now, consciously cognitively exploring our somatic system, being aware that there are areas of our somatics which are simple and easy, and areas which are not. A singing bowl is utilized throughout the second half of this rest recording.


Opening up to the senses

Connecting to our senses may help break our minds free of debilitating thought cycles. This 28 minutes rest gently and curiously introduces us to our senses in ways that are simple and effortless, waking us up to new and curious experiences, teaching us that it’s safe to be more connected to our bodies. 


An Empowered People Will Change Our World.

“The hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be brave.” Buffy, the Vampire Slayer


I’ll get back to that quote in a minute. Before bravery, comes naming what gets in our way of truly living in the world… what gets in the way of bravery.  

Blame Disempowers

It's routine for clients to say something like...  "Everything that is happening is my fault."  Upon hearing these sentiments I find myself taking a deep breath.


Exploring into Purpose

Purpose came up today in 3 client sessions.  What a rich topic to explore! I feel gratitude of having the opportunity to journey into this a territory as it feels very sacred to me.


In a culture seeped in the oppressive dominant narrative (ODN), it can be hard to connect to purpose, for many reasons, and so I have deep compassion for how we may feel confliction around this topic.



Together We Love


Many years ago I had a vision that I needed to have a devoted romantic partner in order to be able to do what I was being guided to do in the world. 

I knew my path would be... challenging... and that in order to be the truth teller, devoted, healer and visionary that I am, I would need the support of a partner who would have my back no matter what.


What Gaze Do You See Yourself Through?

Have you noticed all the ads about weigh loss? To be honest, I hadn’t- until someone pointed it out to me. And then I got curious- how had I not been noticing? (I’m seeing the ads everywhere now! I even saw one for pet’s last night!)

I thought about it awhile, and… keep reading.